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Here you will find the truth about the proper way to have Black Streaks removed from your roof. Chosing a company that uses a Non-Pressure cleaning system is the ONLY correct choice for having your roof cleaned. Any type of pressure washing, even "low or reduced" pressure will damage your shingles resulting in early failure and high replacement costs.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Our mission is to train and certify every individual that wishes to own and operate a non-pressure roof cleaning business in the proper techniques, to insure the safety of the roofs that we clean and the safety of our RCIA candidates, and that our home and business owners are satisfied in the
services that they receive. We strive to provide the best non-pressure roof cleaning in the industry at fair prices to our clients and business owners.

Provide a learning environment for our RCIA candidates to complete their training.

Use a learn-by-doing approach to train our RCIA candidates to work on actual home and business roofs. Candidates will be required to participate in forum discussions and offer personal input on numerous subjects and topics.

Develop lifelong business relationships with our RCIA candidates.

Conduct research aimed at improving our services and increasing the body of knowledge about the non-pressure roof cleaning industry.

Promote our organization. Share what we've learned with our RCIA
candidates. Participate in efforts to create and promote relevant standards. Disseminate technology and practices to others. Develop relationships with organizations pursuing similar goals. Provide leadership in these activities.

Develop a model and plan for long-term sustainability and growth for our organization and services.

Written by: Gary W., RCIA Executive Board---Treasurer
Qwik Roof Cleaners
Louisville Kentucky

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