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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Our mission is to train and certify every individual that wishes to own and operate a non-pressure roof cleaning business in the proper techniques, to insure the safety of the roofs that we clean and the safety of our RCIA candidates, and that our home and business owners are satisfied in the
services that they receive. We strive to provide the best non-pressure roof cleaning in the industry at fair prices to our clients and business owners.

Provide a learning environment for our RCIA candidates to complete their training.

Use a learn-by-doing approach to train our RCIA candidates to work on actual home and business roofs. Candidates will be required to participate in forum discussions and offer personal input on numerous subjects and topics.

Develop lifelong business relationships with our RCIA candidates.

Conduct research aimed at improving our services and increasing the body of knowledge about the non-pressure roof cleaning industry.

Promote our organization. Share what we've learned with our RCIA
candidates. Participate in efforts to create and promote relevant standards. Disseminate technology and practices to others. Develop relationships with organizations pursuing similar goals. Provide leadership in these activities.

Develop a model and plan for long-term sustainability and growth for our organization and services.

Written by: Gary W., RCIA Executive Board---Treasurer
Qwik Roof Cleaners
Louisville Kentucky

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring is on the way--Get ready

Spring is just around the corner, or right behind the next snowstorm.
The groundhog says we are in for 6 more weeks of winter. Pleasant thought, right. With spring rapidly approaching it is time to start looking around your home and property and making plans for any kind of improvements you are going to make. With the economy still rebounding I'm sure you will want to choose projects that will bring the best results for your dollar in terms of adding value to your home.

Landscape and lawn renovation are usually top concerns with homeowners. These projects can be completed by almost anyone who has the needed tools and is not afraid of a little hard dirty work. Return on your investment is usually pretty high in regards to property value increases, not to mention the personal pride when your friends and neighbors comment on the completed work.

Painting and general clean up is another area where a talented homeowner can perform the needed duties with a small investment and some good old elbow grease. Results can be very rewarding from an ego standpoint, not to mention the money saved by doing it yourself.

Probably the biggest project that will average over 900% return on your investment is cleaning your roof that has become infested with ugly black algae and mold streaks. This is definately NOT a project you want to tackle yourself. Roof cleaning is best left to the professionals at Qwik Roof Cleaners. For a complete story on why you DO NOT want to attempt this project yourself, read my blog on this site entitled "So you think you want to clean your roof yourself". It is very educational as to all the things involved in roof cleaning. If you still think you want to try doing it yourself, May God bless and protect you, and make sure your insurance is paid up. If your eyes get opened to contracting with a certified professional roof cleaning company, Call Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville Ky. at 502-773-1730 for a free no-obligation quote on our Certified Roof Cleaning services. It will be the best decision you have made this year in making your home stand out in your neighborhood.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is your roof cleaner really certified?

There are some people posing as certified roof cleaners, that are NOT certified by anyone. There is only 1 organization that offer certification training for roof cleaners. Roof Cleaners Institute of America (RCIA). RCIA is a professional organization that require the candidate for certification to learn a vast amount of knowledge, perform a minimum number of roof cleanings, take an oral test and provide proof of insurance and business permitting. This is a somewhat time consuming effort. Not everyone is certified the first time.
It is now apparent that some are claiming to be certified when in fact they have only begun the process and do not posses the knowledge or experience to be officially certified by this organization.
When you are shopping for a roof cleaning contractor ensure that they are officially certified, such as Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville Ky., who has obtained the certification by completing the required study requirements and other items necessary to be officially certified by this professional organization. At present, Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville ky. is certified by RCIA for a totally professional approach to this industry. Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville Ky is the first Certified Roof Cleaner in Louisville Ky. and is one of only 3 in the state of Kentucky.
Always look for the symbol and certification of this organization to ensure you get professional results for your money.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So you think you want to clean your roof yourself?

If you've got the idea in your head that you going to engage in some diy roof cleaning then first you should get your head checked. No, I'm not joking. There are so many things that could go wrong while cleaning a roof if you don't know what you're doing, not the least of which is the possibility of paralysis or death. That said, if you really don't want to hire a roof cleaning specialist and are determined to go for it despite the risks then allow me to recommend a short list of necessary roof cleaning equipment.

1. Let's start with the safety equipment since that is the most important aspect. If possible use a non-conducting ladder just in case it touches a power line. Use a ladder stand-off to provide stabilization. If at all possible use a safety harness system to eliminate the chance of a fatal fall. Wear gloves, a mask, long pants, and goggles to protect your skin, eyes, and lungs from the roof cleaning chemicals. Also make sure to have a buddy helping you out just in case you need help or have a nasty fall. Finally, invest in some cougar paws for better traction on the roof surface. Chemical-covered or water-soaked shingles are EXTREMELY SLIPPERY, so you better be prepared for that if you don't want to seriously injure yourself.

2. As for the chemical delivery system you'll need a large poly tank, 200 feet of poly hose, a hose reel, a battery powered and chemical resistant pump, and a chemical resistant trigger gun and set of spray tips. Plumb the tank with the hose, connect the hose to the pump, attach the gun to the far end of the hose, and you're ready to rock. No pressure washer required!

3. Rinsing equipment is pretty simple: you'll just need a few garden hoses and reels. I prefer 100' non-kink hoses but go with whatever makes you comfortable. Or you may want to let "Mother Nature" do it for you. She does a better job anyhow.

4. Other miscellaneous items that would be good to have include a long-bed pickup truck or trailer, a ladder rack, a cooler full of icey water, sunblock, a first aid kit, and an extra set of shirts and shoes.

5. You are gonna need one of your buddies to help you, by keeping all the plants and landscaping wet should any of the chemical get on them. He will probably work cheap. A steak dinner and a couple of beers. No problem.

So there you have it, fellow roof-hopping weekend warriors. It is dangerous and difficult work so please have a plan and be careful if you'll be doing some roof cleaning this weekend.

If you're thinking that all this stuff sounds very expensive and hard to find, well, you're absolutely right. It will take you awhile to pull all this gear together and the final price tag will probably make you want to cry, especially when you consider that it's for a one-and-done home improvement project. Do yourself a huge favor by scrapping your DIY plans, hiring a professional non-pressure cleaning service, and leaving the roof cleaning equipment purchases to somebody else.

So Your Roof is turning Black from Something growing up there! Now what do you do?

You begin to notice some faint black streaks appearing on your roof top. At first it doesn't really look too bad, so you put it out of your mind. Foolish decision! Several months later you realize that whatever that stuff is, it is spreading like wildfire covering most if not all of the shingles. It now looks terrible and has lowered the value of your home by several thousand dollars, if not more. Now you have to make a decision on what to do to remedy this situation.
If you are the handy man type, you will probably want to tackle this job yourself even though you don't really know what is involved. You begin with a search on the internet for products and techniques for removing this unwanted visitor from your homes roof. Great, you find several products that claim to work and are reasonably priced. Researching these products you learn that you may have to climb up on and walk around on the roof. Sorta scary, so you keep researching. You find a product that you can spray on the roof from the ground using your garden hose. Sounds safer. Then you read that this product may take up to 6 months to work fully. What!! 6 months to work! You got to be kidding me. Some other products need to be mixed in a pump up sprayer and applied. You start to imagine how many trips that is going to take up and down the ladder to cover the whole roof. Lots of opportunities to fall or damage the shingles by walking on them. Holy Crap! Maybe this doing it myself isn't such a good idea. You then start looking for companies that do roof cleaning.
Searching the net you find numerous companies offering roof cleaning using many different techniques. Which one is the best and how do I know my roof won't be damaged? You find the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association's website and it tells you never use any type of pressure washing equipment, even low or reduced pressure, on a asphalt shingle roof. The recommended way to clean asphalt shingles is to apply a non-pressure solution consisting of chlorine bleach and water. Ok, that decreases the number of companies to chose from to clean your roof since most were going to use a pressure washer with a big round surface cleaner attached, or some other kind of exotic solution that nobody knows what it consists of. In your search you find a professional roof cleaning forum, RCIA, and another imposter organization. You read some of the info available and become curious about the "Certified" roof cleaning professionals that are posting info on these sites. After clicking on some of the site links posted there, and looking at the "before and after" pictures you decide that this is the proper way to have your roof cleaned by certified professionals.
After calling several companies, you learn that all "Certified Professional Roof Cleaners" carry insurance, provide guaranteed services and offer warranties and annual maintence programs so this dreaded growth will never again return to your home. You have made a very good decision and you are thrilled with the completed job because your roof looks like new and the property value has returned.
This type of action is occurring everyday throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries. Hopefully many people will take the time to do some research such as above, and realize that the ONLY safe and through way to obtain a clean healthy roof is to have it cleaned by a Certified Roof Cleaning Professional Company such as Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville Kentucky or some other company certified by RCIA using non-pressure solutions.
For further details or to obtain a FREE no-obligation Certified Roof Cleaning quote, call Qwik Roof Cleaners, Louisville KY. at 502-773-1730

Monday, January 25, 2010

What do you know about Roof Algae and the Proper way to remove it?

Help Spread the Truth About Roof Algae and Roof Cleaning

There is a lot of misconception when it comes to unsightly black streaks on asphalt shingles. Perhaps you have seen such black streaks on roofs, they normally first start to appear on the north facing slopes of the roof. The north side is the side with the prevailing amount of shade and moisture. Once the algae lands on the roof it does not go away or ever get any better. It will begin to feed on the shingles and will spread over time eventually taking over the entire roof. Roof cleaning is a great service to help with this problem of roof algae. When done right, roof cleaning will restore the roof’s appearance, increase curb appeal and value, and will stop the damaging effects of the roof algae. The proper method is a low pressure chemical application which is recommended by the major shingle manufacturers. A pressure washer should not be used because the excessive pressure will damage the shingles. They also recommend a bleach based cleaner, it is safe to use on the shingles and it will kill and remove the algae properly. No other chemical should be used, only bleach according to the shingle manufacturers such as Owens Corning.

Not taking care of roof algae can lead to increased home and cooling costs and will deteriorate the shingles. Roof algae will definitely lessen the longevity of your shingles because it does not allow the shingles to reflect heat like they need to. Years of life can be shaved off the roof when roof algae is left untreated. It is like anything else that is exposed to the elements. For example, if vinyl siding is neglected it can also accumulate mold, mildew, and algae and if left untreated it will lessen the longevity of the siding. Roof’s are the same and when they get dirty or get infected by roof algae, they just need cleaned. It is not rocket science but I am amazed at the amount of homeowners and even roofing contractors that are not aware of what roof algae appearing as black streak are.

I have heard all kinds of explanations of what these unsightly black streaks are. I’ve heard it said they are water marks, nail rust, the tar paper showing through, and even tree sap. None of these are true, it is an airborne algae technically called Gloeocapsa Magma. It gets on the roof, survives by feeding on nutrients in the shingles, and is spread down the roof by rain creating the black streaks. It is no different than mold on vinyl siding, or mildew on a wooden deck it can be cleaned like anything else. And like noted, the proper roof cleaners and cleaning methods are recommended by the major shingle manufacturers whom recognize roof algae as an ongoing problem. Educate your family, friends, and neighbors as to what this airborne algae is because it can jump from roof to roof. This is why you’ll see many roof’s affected in an area and none affected in other areas. In the south your the climate is more prone to grow algae and mold, roof’s are cleaned almost yearly. In the more northern states the algae is a problem but once a roof is cleaned properly it will stay clean for a minimum of several years. But because roof cleaning is not as popular in the northern states it seems that not many people know that it even exists nor what those black streaks on roofs are. Help spread the truth about black roof algae streaks and roof cleaning.

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